Beverage Assistant Manager

POSITION: Beverage Assistant Manager
PROPERTY: The Mint Gaming Hall at Kentucky Downs
REPORTS TO: Director of F&B and Beverage Manager

The Mint Gaming Hall at Kentucky Downs is Kentucky’s premier entertainment destination. The Mint takes pride in giving guests a one-of-a-kind gaming experience, with over 1000 all-new gaming machines, center bar, high-limit room, live horse-racing, simulcast betting, dining and more to come as we expand! The Mint Gaming Hall offers excellent service, fun, and entertainment, located just across the Kentucky state line outside of Nashville off I-65. Join our team and let’s grow together!


  1. Punctuality: to report for duty 15 minutes before the commencement of the shift.
  2. Attendance: to maintain the correct level of attendance. Continuous absenteeism will not be tolerated as it affects colleagues and the whole operation.
  3. Appearance: to maintain a high standard of appearance and personnel hygiene maintained at all times in accordance with the procedures and the requirements of the company.
  4. Cooperation: to cooperate with staff, colleagues and superiors at all times.
  5. Communication: to communicate constantly with Beverage Manager, other departmental staff, other supervisors, managers and superiors with regard to matters arising on the floor.
  6. Security: to maintain close surveillance over the beverage area in order to detect any irregularities on the equipment, patrons, or staff and any potentially dangerous situations, and report such matters to security and management.
  7. To have a complete understanding of the property’s employee handbook and adhere to the regulation contained within.


  1. To post promptly all complimentary charges after having ensured that the approver’s signature is legible and appropriate.
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  2. To handle payments by credit cards in accordance with the prescribed procedures.
  3. To be aware of those guests who are on a 'Complimentary' basis.
  4. To obtain and account for the correct settlement of all sales.
  5. To handle voiding, correcting, changing of guest checks in accordance with the prescribed procedures.
  6. To account for all guest checks - those used during the shift, those remaining and those voided.
  7. To identify and correct any errors.
  8. To balance the day's transactions at the end of the shift.


  1. To take beverage orders and execute them according to the established service sequence and procedures in the outlet operation manual.
  2. To monitor and maintain high standard of quality and speedy service.
  3. To strictly adhere to the opening and closing procedures established.
  4. To have a thorough understanding and knowledge of all beverage items on the menu.
  5. To train and coach new recruits through on-the-job-training.
  6. To ensure that the service station and surrounding area is kept clean and organized at all times.
  7. To maintain and monitor operating supplies par stock and control spoilage and wastage.
  8. To handle all guest complaints, requests and enquiries on beverage and service.
  9. To establish and maintain good guest relationships.
  10. To fully understand and adhere to the outlets operation manual.
  11. To assist in carrying out inventory of operating equipment as per schedule and conduct monthly par stock checks.
  12. A hands-on supervisor and be present in the bar and the designated area.
  13. To fully understand all requirements hygiene laws and maintain the operation accordingly.


  1. Undertake limited technical duties and/or repairs under supervision.
  2. Ensure optimum operation and minimal down time by reporting any malfunctions to the supervisor.
  3. Must have a thorough knowledge of equipment operation.
  4. Responsible and accountable for all keys issued to him whilst on duty
  5. Must not carry out major technical repairs.


  1. To train subordinates in order to conform to company standards, policies and procedures.
  2. To ensure that staff maintain a pleasant and friendly attitude at all times.
  3. To assist the departmental manager as required in order to ensure that the rotations and schedules for staffing adequately reflects the needs of the operation.
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  4. To manage, direct and supervise all beverage staff.
  5. To conduct on-going appraisals on beverage staff.
  6. To plan meal and other breaks of staff to ensure adequate staffing levels.
  7. To check all staff for correct standard of appearance.
  8. To inform Beverage Manager of staff who have breached any procedures.


  1. To have a complete knowledge of all amenities available to guests.
  2. To ensure that work areas are kept clean and that all necessary supplies are available to the staff.
  3. To deal with guest conflicts in a diplomatic and professional manner.
  4. To constantly reevaluate ways to meet customer needs.
  5. To maintain a professional image at all times.
  6. To ensure, through effective supervision, that all services offered by the beverage staff are carried out with the utmost efficiency, professionalism and courtesy.
  7. To ensure that staff maintains a pleasant, friendly and welcoming attitude at all times.


  1. Able to sit, stand and walk for extended periods of time
  2. Ability to lift 25 pounds
  3. Must be able to work nights, weekends and holidays.