Building Engineer

Place of work: Property and surrounding areas

Scope and general purpose of job: This is a working position and is responsible for all aspects of commercial building and property maintenance, as well as maintaining proper housekeeping standards in all shops and work areas. Will require nights and weekends.

Reports to: Director of Facilities


  1. To have thorough operating knowledge of large chillers, boilers, pumps, valves and controls typically used in commercial buildings.
  2. To have a complete understanding and working knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and fire life safety systems, and to be able to effect repairs normally associated with these systems typically found in commercial buildings.
  3. Interior repairs of the building, HVAC, plumbing and electrical, drywall repair, and painting
  4. Remodels in the building as required by changes in operations.
  5. To communicate constantly with Director of Facilities and liaise with other departments with regards to matters arising from the operation.
  6. To plan and co-ordinate action to be taken on shifts.
  7. To have a complete knowledge of statutory requirements of the KHRC and others, in terms of labor laws, wagering, and any other related subjects.
  8. To assist Director of Facilities with the planning and development of new projects.
  9. To perform any other special duties as requested from time to time by Director of Facilities.
  10. To have a complete understanding of the Property’s employee handbook and adhere to the regulation contained within.
  11. To respond to the changes in departmental functions as dictated by the industry, the company, or the property.
  12. To have a complete understanding of the Property’s policy relating to fire, safety and health.


  1. To ensure that the maintenance department has enough equipment and supplies.
  2. To arrange and allocate duties to ensure there is adequate coverage to afford the most effective maintenance possible, to the satisfaction of the Director of Facilities.
  3. With the property at full operating status, the Maintenance shall need to carefully consider the optimum use of the shift and as a guide shall need to keep fully informed of special events, customer attendance patterns and expected attendance, and any other unusual influences in the property’s operation.
  4. To ensure that all HVAC systems are in working order to minimize and down time.
  5. To always ensure that all maintenance equipment is operating and maintained at a high standard.
  6. To ensure that the staff who may have to use these installations and equipment are aware of its location and are trained in the method of operation. Tests are carried out and details duly recorded.
  7. To maintain preventative maintenance programs as well as maintain the appropriate log of all maintenance done to equipment on the property.
  8. To aid the other departments as required.
  9. To ensure that all company policies and procedures are strictly adhered to. Any breach of policy or procedure must be reported to the Director of Facilities.
  10. To maintain strict confidentiality in all matters pertaining to equipment, procedures and information.
  11. Ensure that all Departmental Operations Manuals are up to date
  12. Using safe lifting practices must be able to lift 50 lbs.


  1. To ensure that work areas are kept clean and that all necessary supplies are available to the staff.
  2. To deal with customer conflicts in a diplomatic and professional manner.
  3. To constantly reevaluate ways to meet customer needs.
  4. To Always maintain a professional image.
  5. To always ensure that you maintain a pleasant, friendly and welcoming attitude.

QUALIFICATIONS (Preferred) Knowledge in these areas a must

  1. HVAC – Boiler and Chiller Operation 5-10 years’ experience a plus
  2. Refrigeration – Walk-in Cooler and Freezer Maintenance 5-10 years’ experience a plus
  3. Kitchen Appliance Repair 5-10 years’ experience a plus
  4. Plumbing Repair 5-10 years’ experience a plus
  5. Fire Life Safety Systems 5-10 years’ experience a plus
  6. Electrical 5-10 years’ experience a plus
  7. General repair and maintenance of drywall, painted surfaces 5-10 years’ experience a plus

Licenses Preferred
Universal EPA
HVAC Certification
General Mechanical

To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.