Gaming Manager

Scope and general purpose of job: To be responsible and accountable for the overall efficient and profitable operation of the department, through subordinate personnel, to the highest standards of efficiency, customer service and security, in accordance with the policies and procedures of the company.


  1. To communicate constantly with subordinates and General Manager and Assistant General Manager and liaise with other departments with regards to matters arising from the operation.
  2. Ensure complete security of the designated area and take action if a potentially dangerous situation arises.
  3. To plan and co-ordinate action to be taken on shifts.
  4. To have a complete knowledge of statutory requirements of the KHRC and others, in terms of labor laws, wagering, liquor laws and any other related subjects.
  5. To assist General Manager with the planning and development of new projects.
  6. To perform any other special duties as requested from time to time by General Manager and Assistant General Manager.
  7. To have a complete understanding of the Property’s employee handbook and adhere to the regulation contained within.
  8. To respond to the changes in departmental functions as dictated by the industry, the company, or the property.
  9. To have a complete understanding of the Property’s policy relating to fire, safety and health.
  10. To be responsible for the quality of the HHR operation.
  11. To cooperate with all managers to achieve a successful operation.
  12. To be aware of all trends regarding performance of the HHR terminals, with regular and in depth analysis.


  1. To observe the highest level of appearance and to guide and direct all staff under his/her control to the same high standards.
  2. To train subordinates in order to conform to minimum standards, policies and procedures.
  3. To ensure that staff maintain a pleasant and friendly attitude at all times.
  4. To manage, direct and supervise all departmental staff.
  5. To ensure that the schedules for staffing adequately reflects the needs of the operation.
  6. To be responsible for the adequate facilities and training of all staff.
  7. To coordinate tasks and delegate work to subordinates.
  8. To conduct regular appraisals on staff and ensure that all are appraised every 6 to 12 months.
  9. To assist in the detection and development of staff with potential for promotion and record their progress.
  10. To conduct interviews with applicants for positions within the department.
  11. To ensure that quality staff are recruited and maintained at all levels.
  12. To ensure that annual leave schedules are adhered to as far as possible.
  13. To enforce and oversee that disciplinary and grievance procedures are adhered to, in accordance with company policy.
  14. To analyze and coordinate working schedules to maximize productivity and efficiency of staff.


  1. To instruct, organize and enforce procedures, rules and policies of the department and the company.
  2. To assist the Assistant General Manager in the formulation of new procedures.


  1. To determine the optimum terminal mix, in terms of models, denomination, location and percentage pay back and to accurately complete a monthly analysis of this.
  2. To ensure that all equipment functions properly and effectively and take corrective action where necessary.
  3. To be responsible and accountable identifying for low revenue generating terminals.
  4. To plan alterations, modifications and the purchase of terminals and accessories with the General Manager.
  5. To acquire information of new technical advances and development of the industry and equipment that can be adopted in the operation.
  6. To minimize terminal down time, through quick and thorough repairs by the technical department and a program of remedial maintenance.
  7. To ensure the correct use of all terminals and related equipment


  1. To accurately manage and control the funds assigned to and derived from the operation.
  2. To have complete knowledge of the online system for the HHR terminals, its reports and features. Train other staff on the use of this tool and produce regular reports with indicators for the upper management.
  3. To accurately prepare the annual and periodic budgets.
  4. To liaise with General Manager and Assistant General Manager on any action or decision involving running expenses.
  5. To report to General Manager and Assistant General Manager the end of month statistics, variances to budgeted income and expenditure, equipment and purchases, procedures and policies and staffing.


  1. To get to know the high end customers as well as to identify those that have the potential to become a VIP customer.
  2. Maintain conversations with customers regarding their likes and dislikes on games, denominations, customer service, etc.
  3. To actively promote the department with regular contact and communication with customers.
  4. To plan and co-ordinate promotional activities via other department managers and customer service officers.
  5. To ensure that work areas are kept clean and that all necessary supplies are available to the staff.
  6. To deal with customer conflicts in a diplomatic and professional manner.
  7. To constantly reevaluate ways to meet customer needs.
  8. To maintain a professional image at all times.
  9. To ensure, through effective supervision, that all services offered by the designated area staff are carried out with the utmost efficiency, professionalism and courtesy.
  10. To ensure that staff maintains a pleasant, friendly and welcoming attitude at all times.


  1. To monitor and control all gaming areas.
  2. To obtain and meet all license and statutory requirements of the department.
  3. To ensure that promotional and give-away items are used and distributed for the intended purposes.
  4. To control and maintain usage of stock, levels of spares, stationary and supplies.
  5. Ensure that all Departmental Operations Manuals, Job Descriptions and Employee Specifications are up-to-date.