Multimedia Specialist

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Works closely with Marketing Manager and Director of Marketing and prepares communication regularly for both Department and Executive Leadership.
• Has a strong understanding of how each of the communication channels operate and how to maximize the company’s message across each channel.
• Adept at researching, understanding and implementing existing and new social communication tools including software used in scheduling “posts” or messaging, and the related analysis. Execute strategy after performing platform and competitive analysis. Optimize the company’s presence in each forum. Identify best practices.
• Create, edit, publish and share daily/weekly/monthly/special content that engages the company’s audience and encourages guest activity via a call to action. Content includes text, photographs, images, video and HTML.
• Update the company website as needed. Frequent proofing of the site is required.
• Monitor the posts, messaging or paid social advertising to make sure that all advertising appears as agreed.
• Monitor user content/responses in each forum. Interact with appropriate departments to solve guest issues.
• Responds to change in the departmental functions as dictated by the industry the company, or the property.
• Performs other special duties as requested from time-to-time by Executive Leadership.
• Has complete understanding of the property’s employee handbook and adheres to regulation contained within.
• Active awareness of property objectives and goals and performs all duties possible to accomplish said goals.
• Observe and ensure that property communications are relevant and accurate and
uphold the company’s brand standards.
• Maintain a pleasant and friendly demeanor.
• Ensure work area is kept clean and safe.

• Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, New Media or Public Relations
• Experienced in social media marketing and/or as a digital media specialist.
• Must be able to multi-task and have strong communication, editing and presentation skills.
• Strong understanding of web design and development, including CRO, SEO, etc.
• Proficient computer skills, especially related to Microsoft Office Suite.
• Keen eye for detail and proofing.