Surveillance Officer



  1. Report for duty 5 minutes before the commencement of each shift. Punctuality is mandatory.
  2. Maintain the correct level of attendance. Habitual absence is not acceptable behavior, and will not be tolerated.
  3. Maintain a high standard of appearance and hygiene. The requirements and company standards are set forth in the Policies & Procedures manual that you will receive.
  4. Cooperate with co-workers and superiors at all times.
  5. Remain in constant communication with Upper Management, Director of Surveillance, Supervisors, and Co-workers at all times, as it pertains to daily operations of the facility/department.
  6. Security: Maintain close surveillance over all gaming floors in order to detect any irregularities or dangerous situations on the part of the terminals, guests, or staff. Report such matters to security and management immediately.
  7. To assist in floor duties when required.
  8. To have a complete understanding of the Kentucky Downs Employee Handbook and adhere to the policies contained therein.


  1. To be aware of all company policies and procedures, regardless of department. Surveillance is in charge of compliance for the entirety of Kentucky Downs LLC.
  2. To undergo the prescribed training to establish sufficient knowledge to execute your duties as contained in the Job Description and Employee Handbook.
  3. To ensure that all of the appropriate daily logs and incident reports are maintained to the required standards of the Director of Surveillance Operations.
  4. To ensure that all documentation (physical & electronic) used to record incidents are neatly, accurately, and fully completed in a timely manner.
  5. To ensure that all relevant reports are updated as needed in the shared drives and binders maintained by the department.
  6. To make statements as required to police officials when involved in an incident that necessitates law enforcement’s involvement. Note: This statement may be evidential in a court of law, and/or you may be asked to testify.
  7. The Surveillance Operator (in the absence of a supervisor) shall ensure that all CCTV recordings which are determined to be of evidentiary value are securely stored and documented.
  8. Exercise strict procedural adherence with regards to recording control and storage.
  9. Exercise strict confidentiality in all matters with regard to information, procedures and the equipment/abilities of the surveillance department.
  10. To ensure that any malfunction of the components in the surveillance system is immediately brought to the attention of the Director of Surveillance.
  11. To assist with the coordination of all emergency procedures according to policy.
  12. To ensure that all cameras are positioned appropriately, so the system may be is utilized to its fullest capacity.
  13. To monitor and record the issuance and subsequent return of all sensitive equipment and/or keys.
  14. To make available to KHRC officials any recordings they request (by management approval) and to work with KHRC officials with transparency, clarity, and professionalism.
  15. To monitor and record activities on the Kentucky Downs property, both inside and out, for the:
    • Detection of any cheating/tampering activity on the gaming floors, or other areas.
    • Detection of undesirable or dishonest behavior by guests or staff.
    • Detection of incorrect payments or transactions.
    • Detection of any infractions to the policies and procedures of Kentucky Downs LLC.
    • Observation of suspicious persons, behavior or circumstances.
  16. Effectively communicate with management as it pertains to any relevant matters.
  17. To help resolve disputes by reviewing footage and communicating the relevant facts and/or findings to the appropriate member of management.
  18. According to policy and procedures - deal with all matters pertaining to barred guests and staff.
  19. To be knowledgeable in proper two-way radio etiquette and procedures.
  20. To provide a presence, if needed, on the property from time to time.
  21. To remain continuously alert, pro-active, and vigilant.
  22. Accurately brief the on-coming shift to any relevant matters that occurred while you were on duty.
  23. To ensure that access to the surveillance office is strictly for authorized personnel only.
  24. To report any unauthorized access, or attempts to access restricted areas, to the Director of Surveillance immediately.
  25. To ensure (in the absence of the Director of Surveillance or Surveillance Supervisors) that the General Manager/V.P. of Operations are informed of all incidents that involve staff or guest incidents.
  26. To ensure that (in the absence of the Director of Surveillance or Surveillance Supervisors) that the General Manager/V.P. of Operations are informed of all significant incidents.


  1. Undertake limited technical duties with supervision.
  2. Ensure optimum operation and minimal down time by reporting any malfunctions to a Supervisor.
  3. Must have a thorough knowledge or ability to learn of surveillance equipment operation.
  4. Responsible and accountable for all keys/equipment issued to or by he/she while on duty.


  1. To help maintain high standards of workmanship and professionalism by the staff. Enforce the procedures, rules, and policies of Kentucky Downs LLC at all times.
  2. To aid in the training of new officers in all procedures as required or directed by superiors.


  1. Ability to sit for extended periods of time and also stay focused on screens for extended periods
  2. Frequently required to reach with hands and arms to access radios and/or telephones, joysticks, keyboards, etc.
  3. Must be able to lift and/or move up to 10 pounds and occasionally lift and/or move up to 25 pounds
  4. Vision abilities required: close and distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception and ability to adjust focus