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The Jockey7 is a new wager where you can make Win, Place, Show, Exacta, and Trifecta wagers on your favorite jockeys each race day and will benefit the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund.

The Jockey7 wager allows the horseplayer to bet on individual jockeys and they're mounts over Races 4 through 10 on all 5 days of live racing. The Jockey7, whose results are based on a points system for top-four finishes, will be closed for betting before Race 4 and declared official after race 11.

To place a wager, go to the teller or self-serve machine and ask for Kentucky Downs Jockey7, the amount and wager you would like to make (WPS, EX, TRI), and the program number associated with the jockey(s) you’d like to wager on.

The betting interests for Jockey7 will be established the day before a race card; for instance, Wednesday, September 6th for Saturday, September 2nd. After preliminary scratches, Kentucky Downs will establish 13 groupings of horses, each tied to an individual jockey (or, on occasion, more than one jockey could be lumped together) and a “field” betting interest that covers all the other horses and riders. Each grouping will be assigned a betting number, with the final wagering fields and the Jockey7 morning line posted on and printed in a special insert in the track program.

Under the points system, a win is worth 25 points, second is 12, third is nine and fourth is five, with one point awarded for a late scratch or if a horse is declared a non-starter.

Once the fields are set, the points are based on the finishes of the horses involved with each Jockey7 betting interest, regardless if there are rider changes. For instance, if a jockey who is listed as an individual betting interest is unable to ride a race and the horse wins with another rider, the winning points stay with the horse and don’t transfer to the jockey who picked up the mount.

In the event of a dead-heat, the horses equally split the points awarded for the involved placings. So if two horses dead-heat for win, they split 25 first-place points and 12 second-place points, earning 18.5 points each.

If there is a tie in the final points, the total $2 win, place and show payoffs for each entry in every race in the Jockey7 wager will be the tiebreaker.

The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund will receive a portion of Kentucky Downs’ commission for the Jockey7.

Jockey7 Wager Rules:

  1. The Jockey7 wager consists of separate betting pools with winning wagers defined by points accumulated over seven races.

  2. The Jockey7 will be listed as a separate event known as the Kentucky Downs Jockey7 (TRA Code JK7).   The conditions will state that the final field will be set after scratch time on Friday, Sept. 1 (or the appropriate date for each race day).

  3. The wagering menu for the Jockey7 Wager will consist of Win, Place, Show, Exacta and Trifecta wagering and payouts will be governed by KAR 1:140 and these rules.

  4. A grouping of horses will be assigned a betting number by the Association. Each group of horses will represent the scheduled mounts for one of more jockeys competing in the last seven (7) races of a program.

  5. Should a rider in the Jockey7 be unable to fulfill his/her riding obligations on each of the scheduled mounts, the wager will remain in effect, with the patron keeping the same group of horses but with substitute rider(s).

  6. The following point system shall be used:
    • 1st Place Finish: 25 points
    • 2nd Place Finish: 12 points
    • 3rd Place Finish: 9 points
    • 4th Place Finish: 5 points
    • Late Scratch: 1 point
    • Horse declared a non-starter: 1 point

  7. Coupled entries will share any points earned by one or more entrants. The total points earned by a coupled entry will be divided by the number of starting horses in that entry and equally allotted to the original betting number.

  8. In the event of a disqualification of a horse by the Stewards in any of the races compromising the Jockey7 Wager, the horse will receive the points (if any) of the final order or finish determined by the Stewards.

  9. In the event of a Deadheat (for 1st through 4th place) in a race included in the Jockey7 Wager, the point totals for the finish positions involved will be equally divided between the horses involved in the Deadheat.

    • A Deadheat for 1st place between two horses in a race would assign 18.5 points to each entry, calculated as 25 points for 1st place plus 12 points for 2nd place divided by 2.

    • A Deadheat for 2nd place between two horses in a race would assign 10.5 points for each entry, calculated as 12 points for 2nd place plus 9 points for 3rd place divided by 2.

    • A Deadheat for 3rd place between two horses in a race would assign 7 points to each entry, calculated as 9 points for 3rd plus 5 points for 4th place divided by 2.

  10. In the event of a tie in the final points, the total $2 Win, Place, Show payoffs for each entry in every race in the Jockey7 Wager will serve as the tiebreaker. If a tie still exists, the finish will be determined by which entry has the most wins. If a tie still exists, the Jockey7 Wager will be a Deadheat.

  11. After the seventh race in the Jockey7 wager, the Presiding Steward shall be provided the final order of finish as calculated by the tote system, and then will instruct the tote room to make the Jockey7 official.

  12. In the event any race in the Jockey7 race is cancelled, the entire wager shall be refunded.

  13. Should circumstances occur which are not foreseen, questions arising shall be resolved in accordance with general pari-mutuel practice and at the reasonable discretion of Kentucky Downs, with the agreement of the stewards and KHRC.